Louis Armstrong’s personal tape collection contains over 650 reels of audiotape. When he was hanging out with fans backstage, with friends in a hotel room, or with Lucille at home, he loved to set his tape deck to “record” and just let it roll. Here are some excerpts from Louis’s home recorded tapes:

"This is Louis and Lucille, at home in Corona, Long Island..."
Louis plays along with a King Oliver 78 rpm disc of "Tears."
Louis discusses his tape collection during a radio interview.
Louis practices his trumpet in a hotel room in Germany.
“The Bucket’s got a Hole in It”: a live performance by Louis Armstrong and His All-Stars.
“Heart Full of Rhythm”: Louis Armstrong on a 1937 radio broadcast.
Louis tells a story about Sidney Bechet and Charlie Parker at the 1949 Salle Pleyel Jazz Festival in Paris.


Watch a video introduction to the Louis Armstrong House Museum!


Thanks to the internet, people all around the world will be able to discuss and enjoy Louis Armstrong for centuries to come. There are many resources on the web where you can discover more about Louis—just type “Louis Armstrong” into a search engine and go visit some of the millions of pages that appear. A great place to start is YouTube where you can watch video clips of Louis in performance.