LAHM Gala 2024 at Dizzy’s


Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Live Stream: 7:00 p.m.

Dizzy’s Club

Jazz at Lincoln Center

10 Columbus Circle

New York, NY 10019


Luther S. Allison – Piano & Bandleader 

Catherine Russell -Vocals

C. Anthony Bryant – Vocals

Ekep Nwelle – Vocals

Bruce Harris – Trumpet

Riley Mulherkar – Trumpet

Jon Erik Kellso – Trumpet

Miki Yamanaka – Piano

Jonathon Müir-Cotton – Bass

Michael Reed – Drums

Your Support Matters

Contributions by check can be made payable to Louis Armstrong House Museum, 34-56 107th St Corona NY 11368.
If you need assistance, please contact

Un-Gala at Dizzy’s is made possible with the generous support of our donors and supporters. Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

Contributions to the Gala provide essential operating support, allowing us to achieve our mission of preserving and promoting the cultural legacy of Louis and Lucille Armstrong. Click the Donate button if you want to join us in this effort.

Thank you to the Gala Committee Co-Chairs:

Simona Chazen

Kathy Chazen and Larry Miller

Louise and Sid Banon

David and Lauren Chazen

Steve Dwork and Barbara Best

Our Board  of Trustees

Philip Berry

David Bodney

Julissa Ferreras-Copeland

Jackie Harris

Jay Hershenson, Chair

Gail Coleman Kupferberg, Vice Chair

Stephen Maitland-Lewis, Treasurer

Regina Bain, Executive Director

Larry Miller

Jeffrey Rosenstock

Robert F. Smith

Michelle Stoddart, Secretary

Frank Wu

Jerome Chazen, Chair Emeritus

About Jerry Chazen

Tonight we gather to celebrate Jerry’s legacy and to embrace the enduring spirit of passion and commitment that he brought to every aspect of his life. 

Jerry and his wife Simona’s journey with the Louis Armstrong House Museum (LAHM) was a testament to Jerry’s boundless love for jazz, Louis Armstrong, and his unwavering dedication to preserving Armstrong’s legacy. As Chairman of the Board, he poured his heart into advancing the museum’s mission.

In July 2023, we witnessed the opening of the new Armstrong Center—an incubator for Artistic Excellence, Education and Community, with Simona being present to help cut the ribbon. Jerry and Simona’s passion and persistence played an integral role in bringing this transformative vision to fruition, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come.

His generous spirit and compassionate heart touched countless lives, leaving behind a legacy of generosity, and profound impact.

Thank you for joining Simona, Jerry’s children, and all of us at the Louis Armstrong House Museum in this celebration of Jerry’s extraordinary life in jazz! Enjoy the evening!

About the Louis Armstrong House Museum

The Louis Armstrong House Museum (LAHM) sustains and promotes Louis Armstrong’s cultural, historical, and humanitarian legacy by preserving his house and grounds, sharing archival materials, developing educational programs, and engaging contemporary artists for new works.

Louis Armstrong, a founding figure of jazz and a major twentieth-century celebrity, entertained millions, from heads of state to neighborhood kids in Corona, Queens, where he lived for three decades. His home, now a New York City and State Historical Landmark, has preserved his and his wife Lucille’s legacy through its extensive archives and programs reflecting artistic excellence, education, and community.

Special thanks to:

Queens College CUNY

The Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation