Class Trip Welcome Program

News • March 6, 2017

Class Trips are designed for students in grades K-12 and can be customized to support your group/curriculum. Each tour will highlight rare personal recordings of Louis Armstrong that can be heard only at the Museum.  Tours are $6.00 per person.

For details or to schedule your class trip, simply call 718.478.8274 or email us at  As a National Historic Landmark & New York City Landmark, the Museum provides school tours designed for students in grades K-12. The tours meet the New York State & New York City Learning Standards.

Check out some of our programs:

Louis Armstrong House Museum, A Living Memoir in Queens

Learn about the small and large moments in Louis Armstrong’s life – a great tool to support English Language Arts curriculum.  Explore what life was like for Louis and Lucille in their Queens community from the 1940s – 1970s through Louis’s own private photographs, manuscripts, and audio tapes.

Louis Armstrong, The Jazz – Hip-Hop Connection

Did you know that today’s Rap & Hip-Hop evolved directly from Armstrong’s music?  That Armstrong was born into stark poverty but became a superstar who had hit records for five decades, appeared in thirty films, and performed at sold out concerts around the world? Explore the legacy of Louis Armstrong and his music and how it shaped future musical forms.

Louis Armstrong as Civil Rights Pioneer

What was Louis Armstrong’s contribution during the Civil Rights Movement?  Explore the 1957 case of the Little Rock Nine, when Armstrong protested after black school children were denied admission to an all-white school in Arkansas. Learn how Louis Armstrong became a part of the civil rights movement.  View and discuss rare photos, videos and documents from the museum’s collection — including Armstrong’s FBI file!

Louis’s Pad – Jet Age Designer Showcase

Come discover art and design Louis style!  Louis’s luxurious bathroom astonishes visitors with mirrored walls, onyx fixtures, and gold-plated faucets in the form of swans. In the kitchen, brilliant blue lacquered cabinets and custom-made chromium fittings reflect 1960’s design. The Museum contains an extensive collection of artifacts and furnishings that belonged to the Armstrongs. Learn what stories this house can tell.