The Louis Armstrong House Museum is in the midst of executing an exciting physical and programmatic expansion that will dramatically increase its capacity to fulfill the mission of sustaining and promoting the cultural, historical, and humanitarian legacy of Louis Armstrong.

The new Louis Armstrong Center, across from the Historic House in Corona, Queens, will be completed in Summer of 2023. The Center will:

  • Be the new location of the Louis Armstrong Archives
  • Host a state-of-the art exhibition curated by award-winning jazz pianist Jason Moran (click HERE to learn more!)
  • House a 75-seat performance venue offering performances, lectures, films, and convenings on a year-round basis
  • House a gift shop, administrative, and production support space

The Armstrong Center will help LAHM expand its vision to not only preserve Armstrong’s legacy, but to live the Armstrong values of Artistic Excellence, Education and Community. Our four pillars:

Preserving the Legacy: Sustaining and promoting the cultural, historical, and humanitarian legacy of Louis Armstrong.

Artistic Excellence: Featuring musicians, multi-disciplinary artists and contemporary thinkers to create innovative performances.

Education: Providing on-site, online and classroom experiences for K – 12 students and beyond.

Community: Engaging Queens communities in programming for mutual learning and support.

The Armstrong Corona campus will become a Queens-based hub for inspiration and learning, economic development and tourism. For local neighbors, city, national, and international visitors, the new campus will permanently establish Armstrong’s legacy as one of the most influential figures in American and Global History.

Center Renderings

Construction Photos

Here to Stay Exhibit


New Center Team

Caples Jefferson Architects
PJS Group
C&G Partners
Potion Design
Art Guild
Hill International