Pedro Espinoza


Managing Director

Pedro is the Managing Director of the Louis Armstrong House Museum playing a pivotal role in the organization’s physical and programmatic expansion. Serving as the right-arm to the Executive Director and Board through managing communications, fundraising, operations, and programs, he led the organization through a major facelift, as well as developing strategic partnerships with other major institutions. 

In 2018 and 2019 Pedro was invited to serve as a Fund Panelist for the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs Cultural Development Fund. He prepared successful grant proposals to prominent foundations including Bloomberg Philanthropies, Mellon Foundation, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, and National Endowment for the Humanities; supporting the Board in the execution of an Endowment Campaign for the Museum’s new 14,000 sq ft. Cultural Center. 

In his spare time, Pedro enjoys cooking, going for runs with his dog, and playing guitar.

“Before joining LAHM, I already admired Armstrong as a musician, for his virtuosity and iconic sound. Since joining LAHM, I’ve realized Armstrong’s legacy goes beyond his musical accomplishments. Armstrong is an innovator in all aspects of life. I always liked how he says: “What we play is life.”

Pedro embraces his formal training in jazz performance to creatively strategize solutions. At the same time, his methodical approach has allowed him to be entrusted with more Executive Office responsibilities. 

Pedro’s favorite Louis Armstrong song is: “I Cover the Waterfront”.